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An Online Coaching Program to Help You Create and Confidently Teach Engaging and Interactive Lessons With Tech

Plan Engaging Lessons. Teach with Games. Sell Out your Classes

YES! I'm In!

Teaching Interactive Lessons Online is Tough

  • You spend hours watching tech tutorials 

  • Your lessons now are boring static slide presentations and students aren't engaged with their learning

  • Not sure where to even start with technology sites

  • You don't feel "tech savvy"?

  • Looking at sites like Nearpod, Google Slides or Canva makes you feel overwhelmed or confused

  • Your students often DO NOT regularly come back to your classes

Stop Wasting Time Watching Tutorials

Get Access To The Course

Easily Create Your Own Games and Lessons Without The Tech Overwhelm

Teach Engaging, Interactive and Fun Lessons Your Students Will Love!

You might be thinking...

  • I don't have time to create games

  • I don't have time to learn how to use a tech platform

  • Technology makes me want to pull my hair out

  • I need engaging and interactive lessons

  • My students need something more than static slide presentations and me doing all of the talking

  • I want my classes to be fun!

  • I don't even know where to start

You already have what it takes to create interactive digital lessons and games

    • You just need a little step -by -step guidance to help you along the way.

    • You know how to teach

    • You know your content

    • You know your students best

    • You want to teach unique, engaging and interactive lessons

  • Yes, please!
  • It's possible

    Imagine how it would feel to...

    Easily create interactive games, lessons and digital escape rooms

    Do you feel stuck when it comes to creating resources? Not sure where to start, what platforms to use or what they can do? Not anymore! Simple step-by-step tutorials and templates at your fingertips!

    Have your students love coming to your class and you stand out as an online teacher

    Stop hunting for new students. You need to have your current students want to come back on repeat. Your students will love your games, be engaged and participate all while having FUN while learning!

    Teach and create interactive games and activities with confidence

    Gone are the days of the tech headache, overwhelm and pulling your hair out because something is not working how you need it to. Know exactly how to create games , interactive activities and lessons AND how to teach with it in your online classroom.


    Teaching With Tech Made Simple

    You step by step program to creating interactive games, lessons and activities with Google Slides, Canva and Nearpod for your online classroom to engage your students, make learning fun and keep tech easy and simple.

    This is exactly what I need!

    Check Out These Results 

    Success Stories

    "I love having this resource in my teaching toolbox! She's made learning how to make online games easier for me and helped me design a fun summer class that stands out from the others."

    "Natalie is SO GOOD at what she does. Her videos are short, step by step and easy to follow. She makes it easy figure out how to create fun online games using tech."

    Ashley DiMercurio

    Your Reading Tutor

    "My daughter enjoys Ms. Natalie’s class and the games keep her interested, engaged which has led to her being confident with multiplication in school. "

    Outschool Class Parent Review

    YES! I'm in!

    Let's Get Into The Details

    Module 1

    Four Elements to an Engaging Lesson

    A great lesson starts with a plan. That plan needs to be simple and include the 4 keys to an engaging and interactive lesson. When you have an engaging lesson your classes run smoothly! I will walk you step by step through each element to set up a strong foundation for the rest of the modules!

    Module 2

    Level Up with Canva

    Canva creates amazing eye catching graphics. You will learn how to use Canva and all of its amazing features. You will really be able to make one of a kind presentations, games and drag and drop activities.

    Module 3

    Level Up with Google Slides

    Google Slides is an amazing tool that works wonders for the online classroom. Learn the basics and features needed to create presentations with sound, animation, drag and drop activities and games like Jeopardy and more.

    Module 4

    Level Up with Nearpod

    Nearpod is definitely a student favorite. With this platform you will easily put together a lesson with virtual reality, 360 images, matching and memory games, interactive videos and so much more. Learn how to create and confidently teach with Nearpod in your online classroom. Let's keep this simple and fun!

    Module 5

    Games for the Win

    Games are a students favorite part of the lesson. So why not gamify your whole lesson? Let's create a variety of games with Canva and Google Slides  as well as use learn to use game sites to teach, review and gamify our classroom.

    Module 6

    Virtual Field Trips

    Take your students around the world as you teach any concept. Yep, any subject, even math! Show your students places they may never go like famous landmarks, national parks as you teach your subject. 

    Module 7 and 8

    Digital Escape Rooms

    Getting students to work together and collaborate on projects and learning is so important. Especially in the virtual classroom. Digital escape room easily get your students working together to solve puzzles that have to do with what you are teaching. No fluff and students are learning while they are having fun! No to mention practicing leadership, communication and teamwork skills.

    And don't forget about these bonuses!

    You also get access to...


    Done for you editable games and lesson templates ae just what you need to save you hours of time. 

    1:1 COACHING

    I am here for you and I won't leave you hanging! You get three 1:1 coaching sessions tailored specifically to what you need.

    Access to coaching via Voxer. Have a question? Ask me directly or send me a pic of what you are working on.


    A community of amazing teacher like you. A place to ask questions, get feedback and share ideas. Lifetime access to FB group. Weekly group Q&A's for 12 weeks.

    Meet The Edtech Wizard

    Natalie Wright

    Many online teachers want to teach compelling, engaging and interactive lessons to stand out in the classroom, but few know where to start. 

    I was once in this position. Needing to up my game beyond static slides so my students were engaged with their learning, participating in classes and having fun.

    I received my Edtech Endorsement and became a Google and Nearpod Certified Educator while I was still teaching Special Education in the physical classroom. Technology and games were a game changer in my classroom to help my students learn, participate and excel!

    Transitioning to teaching online, I knew technology and games were key to the success to creating and teaching impactful lessons that students had so much fun learning they wanted to come back!

    Now my goal is to help other teachers use tech confidently to teach with interactive lessons and games to "wow" their students, stand out as a teacher and sell out their classes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything you need to know

    + Who is this for?

    Online teachers who want to teach with engaging and interactive lessons created with tech platforms like Google Slides, Canva, Nearpod and Digital Escape Rooms. Teachers who are ready to upgrade their static slide presentations and teach with games so they stand out. Teachers who are ready to ditch the tech headache and overwhelm  and confidently teach and create fun and interactive activities, games and lessons with tech.

    + When does it start?

    As soon as you join Teaching with Tech made Simple, you will get access to the first module of the course.

    + How long do I have access?

    You have lifetime access!

    + What kind of support do I get?

    I am here for you! I don't want to leave you feeling confused of left behind. You have access to a private community of teachers just like you for life. A place to ask questions, bounce ideas and celebrate your wins!

    You get three 1:1 coaching calls-ask me anything, direct help and guidance with what you are specifically creating. 

    Access to coaching via Voxer for 12 weeks. Ask me a question, take picture of what you are working on and ask a question.

    Access to group coaching calls for 12 weeks. We will meet weekly for Q&A's and specific coaching on what you are creating for your students.

    + What tech platforms will I need?

    You will learn how to use Google Slides, Nearpod and Canva. All of them are free.

    + Do I need to know these platforms before I buy?

    No! You do not need to be familiar with the platforms I teach before you buy! I will teach you the basics and ins and outs of each program so you will learn the features needed to create interactive activities, games and engaging lessons. You will confidently create amazing activities and lessons your students will love!


    You're Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

    I guarantee you will be able to create an engaging and interactive game and lesson 30 days into the program. Show me the work and effort.